LORENZINI NATURAMICA® thinks essential that the policy of the quality is at the base of every business choice. In function of this one of our target, that we’ve reached, is the TRACEABILITY.

LORENZINI NATURAMICA® melon, is the first melon (in the world) with treceability of each fruit. This opportunity to customer guarantee, is based on a sophisticated organization system: human resource, informatic structure, analysis laboratory and open dialogue to the customer. An ambitious project, in continue development, it’s likely to a little percentage of error.


Enter here the code printed on the peel


What's the Traceability?


trought the identification of the product’s certification


by the indelible number code impressed on each melon


with informations of the quality-guarantee system ISO 9002

Born in this way for the qualified customer, the melons with identify card, with his particulary history, from the seeds until your dish.

An exclusuivity for many… but not for all!

Only excellent fruits (with an high corrispondence of the parameter of productive process, of the crossed check up, to which the latter must be subjected and of the total quality than we can obtain), are signed LORENZINI NATURAMICA®.