To reinforce the Company’s quality and guarantee policies, Mr. Lorenzini recognised the advantages of establishing, maintaining and documenting its quality guarantee system.

In July 1997 the Company became the 1st agricultural concern in Italy to receive a Certification of Conformity with International Rules UNI EN ISO 9002 (later became UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) on “Cultivation, packaging and trading of melon”, issued by 2 Sincert-accredited Certification Bodies, CSQA OF Thiene, Vicenza and CertiAgro of Milan.

The trademark ISO 9002 is similar to international regulations on quality and certifies that Lorenzini applies a Quality System to its management procedures thus enabling it to control and document its entire system of production in a systematic, methodical and understandable manner.

This certification of the commercial and production processes represents an additional satisfaction for the customer and for the consumer as it ensures the qualitative features of the product they will be purchasing are standard.

The certification is a sort of declaration that the Company is able to meet all aspects of its commercial commitments, maintain the quality standards of its products, satisfy hygiene and sanitary regulations and respect delivery commitments.

This policy of quality is integrated and congruent with all other company policies and becomes an inseparable whole: commercial policy, the well being of the product and the safeguards to the environment.

With this documentation Lorenzini Naturamica guarantees that all activities connected with the realisation of its product are the result of a planning process geared to achieving the best possible quality level; a level which is also financially sustainable using available technology and know-how and one which can be maintained, with a reasonable amount of reliability, within the limits promised to the customer.

No fruit is placed on the market unless it meets the established production parameters, satisfies the checks and controls to which it has been subjected and has reached the quality level desired.