produces high quality fruits and vegetables: Melon, Watermelon, Tomato, Pumpkin and Zucchini.

From 2003 every product is TRACEABLE, thanks to the Lorenzini technology. Every single fruit, except for tomatoes and zucchini, has a Laser mark.

LORENZINI NATURAMICA® with the cultivation of different varieties of melon, for flavor, consistency and different crop cycle, combined with transplantation, cultural practices and certification of the second manufacturing plant in Sicily, makes the consumer able to find the right melon, because he can choose it from the aroma, the taste and the aftertaste and he can find it on market for a long period of the year, from late March to December.


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Only the best part of the production is signed LORENZINI NATURAMICA®, because is synonymous of EXTREME QUALITY!



KING’S RED Long Shelf Life (red pulp) – Lorenzini Naturamica®

Weigth: 0,8-1,2 Kg.
External characteristic: It can have a close net-like, thin skin, with light furrows and a light green colour when fully ripe or, on the contrary, a plain skin which is a yellow-cream colour with middle sized and round in shape, lightly oval at the top and bottom.
Pulp: When it is opened, the red colour of the pulp emerges; this strong colouring is due to the very high Lycopene* content, a carotene pigment, in comparison with the other varieties.
Taste: Its best features are evident when it is tasted thanks to an immediate pleasant feeling of sweetness (the sugar level is above average) and structure, with aromatic support enhanced by the after taste which remains on the palate for a long time.
Fruit keep: it enjoys good durability as it lasts for several days after picking
Brix degree: from 14° to 15,5° brix
Available: 9 month


UNIQUE Long Shelf Life – Lorenzini Naturamica®

Weigth: 1-1,2 Kg.
External characteristic: Melon full netted of the typology “Western Shipper”, roundlightly oval of mid small size. The peel is of middle-thin thickness, clear green color to complete maturation, with full netted that uniformly covers the whole fruit without sutures.
Pulp: His firm and compact pulp, of color very intense orange tree is characteristic and inviting
Taste: a winding sugar taste, persistent to the palate, that a pleasant feeling of dessert allows to do an Unique melon, from which the mark is derived UNIQUE of it.
Brix degree: from 14° to 17° brix
Available: from half of April to first of November



Weigth: approx. 1-1,3 Kg.
External characteristic: a plain skin without ribs, is cream white in colour and similar in shape and appearance to the PAMIR
Pulp: light orange
Taste: very sweet and aromatic
Brix degree: from 14° to 18° brix
Fruit strength: very good resistance to transports
Available: from first week of May to the end of September



Weigth: approx. 0.9-1,3 Kg.
External characteristic: is lightly round, flattened on top and bottom, with a net-like, thin yellow skin when it ripens
Pulp: a crispy and fragrant pulp together
Taste: strong organoleptic features, a delicate and characteristic flavour
Brix degree: from 14° to 16° brix
Fruit strength: It has a high resistance to over-ripening
Available: from the end of May to August

The melon lorenzini naturamica ® can be found with continuity from MARCH to DECEMBER in various general markets of NORTH and CENTRAL ITALY, and ABROAD, with the standard of quality and warranties.



MIGNON Lorenzini Naturamica®

Weigth: 1,2-1,5 Kg.
External characteristic: it is round than a big watermelon, it’s the same also in the colour with dark green streakings
Pulp: it has a bright red pulp
Taste: very very sweet and excellent crunchy
Brix degree: from 11° to 14° brix
Available: from first week of June to the end of September.


LA ROSSALorenzini Naturamica®

Weigth: 10-12 Kg. or 15-20 Kg.
External characteristic: it is round and oval in a shape, like Crimson Sweet. The peel is green with dark green streakings.
Pulp: it has a bright red pulp
Taste: very sweet and thirst-quenching taste, excellent crunchy
Brix degree: from 14° to 13° brix
Available: from first week of June to the end of September.



DOLCINO Lorenzini Naturamica®

Weigth: only 10-12 grams the one
External characteristic: Berries of an intense red are small, oval in a shape like the date-fruit.
Taste: unmistakable delicate and persistent taste, united to a sweetness that doesn’t have equal.
Brix degree: from 10° to 15° brix
Available: 12 month
Packaging: box 30×50 cm, n° 20 in packets of 250 g, box 30×40 cm, n° 14 in packets of 250 g


VINE DOLCINOLorenzini Naturamica®

Weigth: only 10-12 gr. the one
External characteristic: berries of intense red color, small, oval. The main distinguishing feature is the branch, still green and fresh, to which they are attached
Taste: unmistakable delicate and persistent taste, united to a sweetness that doesn’t have equal.
Brix degree: from 10° to 15° brix
Available: 12 month
Packaging: bulk in box 30×40 cm., Kg. 3


Senza titolo-2

PUMPKIN DELICA Lorenzini Naturamica®

Weight: 1,4-1,9 Kg
Exterior features: peel medium dark green with clear longitudinal stripes. It has a bit flattened shape with slight ribs.
Pulp: bright orange with good texture.
Characteristics: sweet, high-quality, low in calories, diuretic and intestinal regulator. It contains a lot of fiber and is rich in carotenoids and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins, especially Vit.A.
Average sugar content: 14-17° Brix.
Shelf life: excellent, if kept in a place with low light and low humidity.



COURGETTELorenzini Naturamica®

Weight: from 50 gr to 450 gr or length from 7 cm to 35 cm.
Exterior Features: medium dark green skin
Pulp: crunchy and tasty
Organoleptic characteristics: courgettes are composed primarily of water (94% by weight), contain few carbohydrates and proteins, are good sources of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin, and folic acid.
Storage: delicate product to be stored in a refrigerator (vegetable area) and to be eaten in a few days.




King’s red melons a red pulp, watermelons, mini watermelons and tomatoes are parts of product’s line with elevated ownership healthy that Lorenzini has selected for the tall contents in carotenoids and over all in licopene, a pigment that gives the red color to the fruit and it has antioxidants functions, helps the human organism to neutralize the molecules toxic define radicals free, that are formed during the metabolic trials of the cells of our body and therefore to prevent some illnesses.

Cardiovascular and other pathologies, and to slow down the aging of the cells themselves. Therefore among the other methods of prevention it is important to assume particularly daily of the antioxidants and of the licopene, the fruit and the vegetable represent the principal source of it.
The international recommendation is to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetable a day!

Epidemiological studies have in fact underlined as the consumption of fruit and vegetable is inversely correlated to the incidence of certaine degenerative illnesses of the cells.



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