LORENZINI NATURAMICA® fruit carries a guarantee of freshness, genuineness and goodness as well as quality characteristics as to integrity, minimum sugar content (usually averaging 14° brix ) and absence of any phyto-remedy residuals.

In March 2001 the company went a step further in its policy of guaranteeing quality to the consumer by achieving another objective; obtaining a Product Certification from AGROQUALITÀ, Rome.

This means that not only is the production system certified, but the fruit itself as well; each LORENZINI NATURAMICA® melon is guaranteed thanks to the following features.


Minimum sugar content of 14° brix (-0.9° max.) for the fruits examined by the non-destructive Well-Brix analyser.


The possibility of documenting the history of each fruit. Each fruit with a 14° brix is stamped with its own number and registered in a data bank thus allocating it a fixed identity and characteristics – it is possible therefore to trace each melon from seed to consumer.

Integrated pest control

Use of biologically-integrated methods to fight against parasites and fungal crop diseases as a guarantee that there will be no phyto-remedy residuals.

What is the degree "BRIX"?

The degree Refractometric “brix“, named after the scientist who described him as’ early 800, expresses the content in sugar dissolved in aqueous solutions. Lorenzini Naturamica® Melon is guaranteed with a strength of more than 14 degrees “Brix”, up to about 20 degrees “Brix”.

Keep in mind that European legislation in terms of commercialization of melon fruits admits with a level of maturity which exhibits a refractive index minimum of 8 ° Brix!