is the Agricoltural Enterprise that ownes a particularly suitable and fertile land of about 500 hectars in the Padana region of Northern Italy and in Sicily.

The headquarters is in Santa Croce of Sermide (Mantua) in the South-East of Lombardy Region. The second site, instead, is located in Pachino (Siracusa), in the South-East of Sicily.

Together both farms produce approximately 6.000 tons of quality melons per year, there is no doubt that the farm represents a major production facility.

Only the best part of the production, the extrimely good one, is signed LORENZINI NATURAMICA®



The strengths

From 1984 the LORENZINI NATURAMICA® firm began to represent a thrilling news for all those people who wanted to have a high quality product and who wished to be informed and have warranties about what they bought.

The company strong points were and still are:

  • Quality
  • Genuineness
  • Warranty

During the years the consumers have changed: their tastes, their needs, the same perception of quality and, therefore, the communication have changed. This one is addressed, more than ever, to the final client, who has the opportunity to visit the company, thanks to events like “open door”, in order to see the production system where the melons sold in markets are made.

The Quality and the Authenticity of the products have reached their top, because of the constant research and study. Moreover, the warranties about the product have been improved.

LORENZINI NATURAMICA® continued year after year to invest in research and experimentation in order to give, with its own variety of melon, a really good aliment. It is a long-life product, healthy, genuine, with a nice quantity of pulp and a little internal cavity, sent freshly harvested, well packed and it is available for a long period of the year, form the end of March to December.


Author Melons 98%
Extreme Quality 95%
Genuineness 92%
  • The farm LORENZINI NATURAMICA® achieved various records that made it an exclusive producer of a melon internationally famous for its organoleptic qualities and unique guarantees.

  • The Farm LORENZINI NATURAMICA® is the:

  • 1° biological-integrated farm which make use of analysis of an authorized laboratory as a guarantee of the absence of pesticide residues in fruits

  • 1° farm in Italy with process certification UNI EN ISO 9002 (later became UNI EN ISO 9001:2008)


  • 1° agricultural company in Europe that uses Well-Brix, the first non-invasive and high precision analyzer in the world


  • 1° farm with certification of agricultural processes even remotely (Lombardy – Sicily)

  • 1° and only company in the world with traceability on each melon

  • 1° farm in Italy with product certification on the melon



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Lorenzini Family

Aziende in evidenza (Famiglia Lorenzini)

LORENZINI NATURAMICA® is a farm which currently covers an area of about 560 hectares of particularly fertile cultivated land in the Po Valley and near Syracuse. The head office is in Sermide MN, in the Southeast tip of Lombardy, while the second production site is located in Pachino SR, in the Southeast tip of Sicily.

With a capacity of about 6,000 tons / year of melon high quality it is undoubtedly a big production company. The owners Daniele Lorenzini and his wife Vanna Barotti together with their sons Serena, Grazia and Cristiano are particularly proud of this winning position as throughout the year the company employs more than 120 seasonal workers at the site of Sermide MN and about 80 in the production site of Rosolini Pachino SR. This holds some importance from the point of view of employment.

In anticipation of new trends in the market and in view of the specific suitability of the area, Mr. Daniele began growing melons on a little more than a hectare of biological field and rapidly expanded production from approximately 40 tons up to the present level.

From the beginning, the success of “Lorenzini Naturamica” was largely due to the Company’s policy of Quality, Genuineness and Guarantees which permeates all its endeavours. This is evident in the continuous search for quality in everything the Company does and in all aspects of production with the sole purpose of achieving 360° degree quality for the product and the means of guaranteeing this quality.

The obstinate determination to provide the consumer with a sound and wholesome product, without any anti-parasitic residuals, was the Company’s original motivation for enrolling for 5 years in the Biologic School “Suolo e Salute” in Turin and then going on to learn more about the techniques specific to organic agriculture, which was essential for gaining more experience with biologically integrated systems.

The biological battle lies in the conservation and use of the antagonists which exist in the natural environment to keep the phytophagous
populations under control and within the limits considered to be below the thresholds which would cause financial difficulties.

The experience achieved in the first 5 years led the Company to adopt biological techniques which were a valuable heritage when, as additional investments were developed, the cultivated surface increased and the Company converted to a full biologically-integrated system.

The Company has indeed grown little by little in an exponential manner. Upon reaching each new level it set itself new quality goals in order to
continue to guarantee a quality product of a very high standard each season and provide the consumer with a guarantee to this effect.

The “Biological Battle” is an integrated system to control harmful organisms utilising all available factors and techniques which, in the context of the economic and toxicological requirements of the environment, give priority to natural inhibiting elements – parasites and natural preditors – and to damage limitation.

It is therefore a rational method of using of phytoiatric resources, whether they are of a chemical, biological, physical, agronomical or biotechnological nature and optimize the use of all resources to safeguard agricultural

Integrated agriculture therefore involves the knowledge of several disciplines (chemistry, biology, genetics, agronomy, phyto-pathology, economics, statistics, medicine, knowledge of climate) with one sole objective; the protection of the plants from all evils while safeguarding public health and respecting the environment, and therefore also the financial situation of the Company.

The aspects of the Farming Cycle used by Lorenzini Naturamica remained unchanged during the progression from a biological to an integrated system; the Company’s practices included the following:

  • Use of cow manure and natural fertilizers.
  • Use of predatory insects and acari to defend against parasites.
  • Exclusion of all of geo-insecticide agents in combating soil insects.
  • Use of periodically tested artesian well water for irrigation.
  • Pollination exclusively by bees themselves with beehives positioned around the fields, thus avoiding the use of any chemical substances.
  • Use of natural products such as sulphur and copper against fungal diseases.
  • Use of substances made of natural soaps to act as insecticides.
  • Use of varieties with good organoleptic qualities grafted onto varieties which are resistant to the common fungal diseases of the soil.
  • Periodical mowing of infested grass on the borders of cultated areas in order to keep the natural equilibrium, and utilization of mulching layers in between the cultivated areas instead of chemical weed killers.
  • Analysis carried out on fruit samples by an authorized laboratory as a guarantee against phyto-remedy residuals.
  • Monitoring the phytosanitary state of the plants and registering any eventual deficiencies at intervals of 5 days from transplant to picking, thus preventing any problems from arising by identifying and destroying immediately any beds of infection from fungus and/or parasitic diseases before they develop.


Energy Efficiency improvement through the adoption of renewable fuel (wood chips) for heating greenhouses.


Expansion of the working warehouse with the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof that covers 70% of the company’s needs in electricity.


Construction of an air conditioning system in the working warehouse in order to ensure the “cold chain” and maintain long unchanged the characteristics of the products, while improving the working conditions of employees.


Certification according to the standard Globalgap.


Constitution of Producers Organization (OP) Lorenzini Naturamica Soc.Cons., Under Regs. EC 2200/96 and 1433/03.


Disponibility on internet site www.lorenzininaturamica.com of the traceability of each fruit with a number-code, fire stamped on the fruit.


Creation of the database for the registration of each fruit worked.


Product certification by Agroqualità: guarantee on every single product of 1st quality. Starting to print identification number by laser. Adoption of new varieties of melon red pulp containing active health benefits such as Lycopene.


Renewal of ISO 9002 (which later became ISO 9001: 2008) as a result of the audit with a favorable outcome.


Each first-quality fruit is numbered. Each fruit can thus be tracked from the user’s plate to the crop/field and even to the seed nursery.


Purchase of a WELL-BRIX from Sumitomo Metal Mining, a computerized sorting machine, with an innovative high-precision analyser. The Well Brix is able to guarantee that the sugar level of each 1st category melon is between 14° (-0,9° max.) – 19°Brix. The Well-Brix is the first such machine in the world; it is non-destructive and ensures the integrity of the fruit, which is neither punched for pierced during the process. Acquisition of a new production site in Sicily and extension of the Quality System to the second site. As a result it became possible to purchase a Lorenzini melon 9 months of the year eg. from April to December.


Achievement of Quality System certification ISO 9002 (which later became ISO 9001:2008).


The Company, “Lorenzini Naturamica”, was established with the intention of applying the concept of quality to the production of melons in the interests of the consumer. The name, “Lorenzini Naturamica”, was specifically selected to express the Company’s intention to produce a quality product – attractive to look at, tasty, healthy, carefully selected and packaged and subject to periodic sampling at an authorized laboratory in Mantua.